Adult Programs


Beginner Introduction

This class is designed for the student who is new to the game and wanting to learn the basics.  Class consists of 20 minutes of lecture time about the fundamentals and goals of the class.  From there the class will spend 30 minutes on putting and an hour on the driving range being introduced to swinging the club and hitting the golf ball.  This class will act as the beginning of the student’s journey into the great game.  Class will consist of 4-8 new students.

Tuition Cost: $50.00

Beginner Class

This program consists of 10 classes designed to get the new golfer onto the golf course playing golf after 10 weeks.  Topics covered will consist of: Full Swing, Short Game, Putting, Bunker Play, Equipment, Rules and Etiquette, The Golf Course and Handicap Explanation.  Each class will be 90 minutes in length and include a 15-20 minute lecture followed by hands on skill development on the topic of the day.  Final class will be on the course playing golf! The Beginner Class will run over three terms, a ten-week class in the spring, one in the summer and one in the fall.  Class will consist of 4-8 students.  

Tuition for 10 Class Program: $400.00


Individual Improvement Program

Pressed for time?  This program is for you.  In this program we will sit down and outline goals for improvement and then design a program based on how much time the student will have to commit.  Each program will be personally designed to meet the student’s needs and time restraints.  

Tuition TBD

Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions will be scheduled at different times throughout the week.  In these sessions students will go through specific practice.  These sessions will be less about teaching and more about coaching.  Meaning these sessions will be less about working on new technique, but rather coaching students to get the most out of where they are at in their game at the current time.  Focus of these sessions will be on mindful practice, mindset, picking targets and pre-shot routines.  Practice sessions will be open to all abilities with a maximum of 10 per session.  

Tuition: $35.00


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