New Student Assessment

A one-hour session for any golfer interested in improving.  This is a no stress session going through the Trackman Combine.  The Trackman Combine is a 60 Shot activity that identifies strengths and weaknesses for all different distances.  During the Combine I will be conducting an informal interview to find out the player’s goal, perceived strengths and weaknesses and time restrictions.  This is meant to be a relationship building hour where the student will get to know the teacher and vice versa.  During this hour I will view the student’s game and begin to formulate a success plan for the student.  I will also look at any inefficiencies in the student’s golf equipment.

Cost: $75.00


Game Assessment

Ideal for players ready to take their game to the next level, but are having trouble achieving results.  Assessment will last two hours and the data collected will be:

Trackman Combine- In the combine student and coach will get a sense of strong and weak areas in ball striking.  The combine consists of 60 shots and starts with wedge shots and runs all the way through to Drivers.  Data will be collected on all shots and a score will be calculated for the test.  During this time the coach will also conduct an equipment evaluation.

Short Game and Putting Test-This test is incorporates the wedge test from The Pelz Short Game Bible as well as a putting assessment.  The will allow the coach to sort out strengths and weaknesses in the student’s short game.  

TPI Screen with K-Vest- In this assessment the coach will screen the students body and look for flexibility/mobility issues using K-Vest’s 3D Technology. 

During the data collection I will begin to formulate the Student’s Plan as well as take the opportunity to interview the student about their game and goals moving forward.  Upon completion of the assessment and interview I will write up a practice plan including areas to practice and how long to practice each week as agreed on with coach and student. The plan will also consist of some physical exercises he or she can do at the gym to help to strengthen any weaknesses that were seen during the physical screen.

Tuition Cost: $225.00


Individual Lessons

Adult $120.00/hour

Junior $90.00/hour


Package of 4

Adult $450.00

Junior $325.00

Package of 8

Adult $825.00

Junior $600.00

*All lessons will include technology to validate the diagnosis and to help to increase the learning process from the student.  Technology includes: Trackman, K-Vest, Boditrak, Hi-Speed Video and Training Aids.  Lessons can be work on Long Game, Short Game, Clubfitting or Playing Lesson.  Packages must be used within a year from the day of purchase.  Playing Lessons do not include green fees.